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So what does an “estate liquidator” do?

Several times in our lives we have the opportunity or need to sell valuable property. Usually, this happens when we sell our home, settle an estate or want to dispose of valuable art or other treasures. Often these items also have sentimental value making the process more difficult. How can we help you?

Our service is to act as a middle person or agent between the buyer and our client, whether for one item, a collection or the entire contents of a home. Our primary aim is to handle the sale and disposal of contents of homes with the utmost discretion providing various solutions to suit a client’s unique circumstances.

 Learn more about our sale services and see how we might represent your sale on our web site.  This page will also show you the wide variety of items we do sell in the context of a tag sale.  Our clients are primarily in the Bergen County area of New Jersey.

With a selling network acquired over 30 plus years, we appeal to a continually growing directed customer base and consistently command higher prices.

Ann’s Tag Sales is a family business that performs services related to liquidating personal property, like  Managing Estate Tag Sales or providing Professional Appraisals. Our clients are mostly in Northern New Jersey and we extend further for special situations. 

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